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(ANti-tick vaccines to prevent TIck-borne Diseases in Europe) is an international research consortium that aims to identify and develop novel ways to prevent multiple human tick-borne diseases in Europe. ANTIDotE consists of seven partners from leading academic, research, public health and industrial institutions resulting in a a well balanced and highly interdisciplinary consortium. All ANTIDotE partners have ample expertise delivering new knowledge and research tools towards understanding tick-host-pathogen interactions in multiple human tick-borne diseases. Rather than each expert working on their ‘own’ tick-borne diseases, the ANTIDotE experts collectively collaborate to bring excellence on research on ticks, tick-borne pathogens and anti-tick vaccines in Europe.

Using state of the art proteomic and transcriptomic approaches we will identify and characterize novel tick salivary gland proteins, which will be subsequently assessed as anti-tick vaccines to protect against Lyme borreliosis, babesiosis and tick-borne encephalitis in animal models. In addition, through an integrated and multidisciplinary approach involving Central and Eastern European public health institutes, health organizations and industrial companies we will examine how to develop anti-tick vaccines and implement these in public health systems